We are delighted to announce that the Footsbarn Travelling Theatre tent will be back in Ballynabuc on the Dingle Peninsula from August 18th to the 22nd. They finally get to bring their new production of James Stephens’ unique novel, “The Crock of Gold” to Ireland.

The essence of the idea was to create a piece of theatre with multi-national artists, which reaches way out beyond the boundaries of language, class and culture. Glen Hansard and Brendan Begley, who share the same respect for the novel as Footsbarn, came on board to write and play the original music that accompanies the performance live each night.

As the tent is in situ for the theatre piece, Footsbarn have invited some other musical friends to play a set after each performance of “The Crock Of Gold”. Each evening’s line-ups & links to more details/tickets at eventbrite can be found here.